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September 2019

Sep 16

Why is Catholicism vibrant in Africa but not in the U.S.?

By: Msgr. Owen F. Campion I feel safe in making this statement. Not many American Catholics will be utterly fascinated by Pope Francis’ recent visit to three African nations: the islands of Mauritius and Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, and Mozambique in East Africa. Nevertheless, the pope’s journey to the region, his interest in the...
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Sep 13

Opening the Word: We’re called to seek with the urgency of God

By: Timothy P. O'Malley Imagine that you’re on a trip abroad. You arrive at the airport and reach into your bag for your passport, knowing that you’ll need it to arrive home. It’s not there. You look in another pocket; also not there. You panic, looking through every pocket of your bag. Finally, you remember that you put your...
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Sep 11

Who was Venerable Henriette Delille?

By: Brian Fraga The last line in Venerable Henriette Delille’s obituary from 1862 sums up her vocation. Henriette Delille, the obituary reads, “for the love of Jesus Christ made herself the humble devout servant of slaves.” “In the eyes of the world, Venerable Henriette may not have accomplished much, but in the eyes of...
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Sep 9

Why I have hope for young priests

By: Msgr. Owen F. Campion A Catholic asked me if seminaries currently vet candidates for the priesthood so that clergy sex abuse will not be a problem in the future, at least not to the extent that it is at present. It was a good question and a fair question. I answered that I could not speak, one way or the other, about the worth of programs in...
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Sep 6

Opening the Word: The cost of dispossession

By: Timothy P. O'Malley In the canon of the New Testament, Philemon is strange. It is short, written directly to a prominent Christian whose name is Philemon. Philemon owned a slave named Onesimus, who likely escaped from his master, taking money. Onesimus came to Paul, and now Paul has sent Onesimus back with an exhortation. Paul wanted to...
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Sep 4

Symposium calls for renewal of Catholic family life

By: Dr. Greg Popcak This past July, more than 40 internationally recognized social scientists, theologians and pastoral ministry professionals gathered at the University of Notre Dame to explore four critical questions about the renewal of Catholic family life: Are Catholic families called to relate differently to each other than their...
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Sep 2

When is silence not golden?

By: Teresa Tomeo We all can use more silence in our lives. We live in a culture bombarded by all kinds of noise and distractions. I should know. My first book, published over 12 years ago, was entitled “Noise” and was filled with statistic after statistic and story after story concerning how we are attached at the hip to our TVs,...
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